Simon Whatley / R E A L I S E







R E A L I S E Committed to creating innovative designs that are distinctive, elegant and crafted to last. Simon has a background in sustainable architecture, design, regeneration and therapeutic horticulture and takes an holistic approach to problem-solving based on careful analysis of end-user needs. "My practice is based on research into and interrogation of the intersections between Modernist design discourse and traditional artisan craftsmanship and wider society. I take an holistic approach to design - regarding the system being designed as both an interconnected whole and simultaneously part of something larger - Primary consideration being given to promotion of well-being and minimising negative impacts to the environment; protection of the biosphere, conservation of natural resources and reduction of waste. Inspired by the built environment, contemporary culture and the enduring / transient beauty of nature - my attention is focused upon proportion and geometry, structural efficiency, detailing and functionality. I collaborate with artisan makers, artists and landscape specialists and am committed to the sustainable sourcing of materials. Over time, I have developed a coherent collection of contemporary furniture synthesising an architectonic-organic and component-based formal language." bespoke furniture commissions component-based products for multiple manufacture green design & build projects eco-refurbishment consultancy historic conservation and research community development community arts therapeutic horticulture regeneration consultancy