Simon Whatley / R E A L I S E







R E A L I S E Edinburgh-based design consultancy committed to creating innovative, low-environmental impact designs that are distinctive, elegant and built to last Simon has a background in sustainable architecture, design, regeneration and therapeutic horticulture and takes an holistic approach to problem-solving based on careful analysis of end-user needs Inspired by the enduring/transient beauty of nature his attention is focused on geometry and proportion, structural efficiency and detailing, functionality and comfort He has created bespoke furniture for private, business and voluntary sector clients in Edinburgh and London. Committed to British craft manufacture and the sustainable sourcing of materials, Simon works collaboratively with independent artisan makers to prototype and craft these elegant, architectonic designs bespoke furniture commissions component-based products for multiple manufacture green design & build projects eco-refurbishment consultancy historic conservation and research projects regeneration consultancy community development projects community arts programmes therapeutic horticulture design consultancy