The categories
The Edinburgh City Award

Edinburgh is a globally recognised city famed for its creative spirit and cultural offering. These projects are intrinsically linked with the city and couldn’t have happened elsewhere.

The Collaboration Award

The collaborative process rhymes with creative pursuits and many projects flourish as a result of happy collaboration.

The Innovation Award

A one-off creative adventure where innovative approaches have been explored, risks have been taken, and testing out new ideas has been at the forefront of the project.

The Freelance Award

We would like to recognise the freelancers based in the city who produce valuable projects whilst working solo.

The Leadership Award

A pioneer, a mentor, an inspiring leader - we want to celebrate the people whose contribution to their field, a project, or Edinburgh’s whole creative community has been visible and vital. Someone who has worked hard for the benefit of their network, organisation, or community.

The Community Award

Creativity is a force for good and it helps communities thrive. We’re recognising the projects and people that create change, and engage communities. From thriving community hubs, community-minded artists, or animators who have worked within local neighbourhoods and made a difference!

The Creative Start-up Award

Newcomers to the industry this one is for you. If you’ve been a registered, small business (up to three employees) for less than three years and have made your mark on Edinburgh’s creative scene, tell us about it and nominate yourself!

The Student Award

To all students or recent graduates who have founded an exciting project, or have pushed the boundaries of their creative practice alongside studying.

The Sustainable Creativity Award

To all the creatives who are passionate about circular production and sustainable creativity and making them the centre of all your creative practice!

The Inclusion Award

Edinburgh is a diverse city, and we want to celebrate projects/organisations that have worked hard for their work to reflect this diversity. We welcome creatives who consider themselves underrepresented, come from diverse heritage/international backgrounds, have a disability, or identify with one or more protected characteristics.

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