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Connected Innovators Third Round - Data Driven Social Impact
Welcoming Our 3rd Round of Connected Innovators

This week we welcome six new projects to Connected Innovators, our funding stream supporting creatives in growing their practice in a data-driven way.

Part of the wider Creative Informatics programme, Connected Innovators supports emerging leaders who want to incorporate social impact into their practice. The selected creatives have applied for up to £10,000 funding for research and development or professional development around data and data-driven innovation.

Alongside their funding, the applicants will receive support, skills and expertise from our incredible network to help them develop their practice and ideas to take their work to the next level.

The selected participants in the third round of Connected Innovators are:

Ailie Finlay

“Ailie Finlay from My Kind of Book has received funding to research how teachers in special schools adapt picture books to make them accessible for children with complex additional needs. The data gathered will be used to enable My Kind of Book to develop innovative books for children with complex needs. At the moment there is a severe lack of books suitable for these children. This data will also be used to create a toolkit to empower authors, illustrators, and publishers from the world of children’s books to create more inclusive books.”

Ana Betancourt

"Ana Betancourt is the director and Head of Sound Innovations at Black Goblin. Her experience of over a decade as a Sound designer for the creative industries, as well as a very eclectic background, has shaped the company’s journey. Within her role, she will often come up with challenges that use sound as medium, and science and technology as tools to find out-of-the box solutions for creatives’ day to day issues; as a Connected Innovator, Ana will explore the uses of Machine Learning for the improvement of sound design, and its applications in other disciplines such as environmental studies."

Andrew Brooks

“People and experience are at the centre of my artistic practice. I am interested in the empathetic connections between the work and those experiencing it and how this can be created from raw data and information. This project will develop an ongoing body of work which focuses on Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) - of great significance to me as my wife is diagnosed with the condition. Interviews will be conducted with those diagnosed; these interviews will then be broken down to understand and represent different facets of living with the condition in new forms of multidisciplinary, multimedia responsive artwork.”

Johnathan Elders

"As an artist my practise focuses on how we perceive the world through science, how we can reinterpret the world through our technology and the resulting opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the scientific community, working with researchers to produce exhibits and gaining access to new audiences. I have learned a lot from the challenges I have faced as an artist trying to find opportunities and reaching out to connect with the scientific community. I am keen to support creatives considering this route, through the creation of online resources that can be used as a reference tool."

Madeleine Shepherd

"My Connected Innovators project aims to simulate traditional Fair Isle knitting patterns. The first element will be to generate and select suitable motifs using a two-dimensional cellular automaton algorithm known as Conway's Game of Life. I will then use these motifs within the traditional shapes, forms and colours of Shetland and Fair Isle knitwear to create a range of textile products which are simultaneously mathematically rigorous and an authentic tribute to traditional colourwork knitting in Scotland."

Rebecca Kaye

“Ploterre is the moniker of Rebecca Kaye, who currently uses environmental data to create paper-based prints. The aim of the project is to experiment with 3D and non-paper-based objects to develop this data-based storytelling. The objects I intend to investigate will all be rooted in traditional craft making using natural materials. As the data that informs the designs is also rooted in the nature, the data will help shape the process. This interplay between material choice, data and process will further enhance the message of the data by not only communicating the information through the design but also through the method.”

Round 3 Connected Innovators will begin their funded time shortly. We'll invite them to showcase their work in Spring 2022 - when we'll also announce another round of funding, so stay tuned!

Our second cohort of Connected Innovators continue to impact the creative industries with their research and development. Read about previous Connected Innovators projects here.

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