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Sound out your idea in Sharing Spaces

Sometimes two brains are better than one, so we've come up with a new way for you to workshop and incubate your budding projects with help from your fellow creatives.

Sharing Spaces is a brand new events series designed to give you an informal and relaxed place to problem solve, road test and find support as you turn your inkling of an idea into a reality.

The first Sharing Space will be held on Friday 26 March from 11.00am - 12.30pm. Applications to present are now closed. Tickets are now available.

So, how do Sharing Spaces work?

Each session invites two presenters to take the reins for 30 minutes each. They’ll present their idea before posing questions to the group. It’s then over to attendees to share thoughts, respond to queries and lend advice.

Is it for me?

Sharing Spaces are designed for creative thinkers, makers, doers or dreamers! Whether you work in the creative industries or have a passion for it, your input is invaluable.

Each presenter will post open questions to the group, so whether you have loads to chip in or just listen in on this occasion, it’s a great opportunity to meet others and get inspired.

What do I have to offer?

Probably loads! Whatever your background, you’re probably sitting on a lot of valuable knowledge and insight that is worth sharing. We welcome input from those who are new to the industry or an expert in their field, have experience in what’s being presented or are entirely new to it.

Sharing Spaces are an open, explorative space for creatives to learn, grow and develop together. There are no wrong answers, and everyone’s experience is different. We encourage you to share your two cents, take what is valuable to you and gently set aside what isn’t.

What kind of topics will be explored?

That’s entirely up to our community! As long as presenters can facilitate a discussion within 30 minutes, it’s an open floor. We’ll share a little about what’s coming up before tickets are released so you can decide if the topics are of interest to you.

Some examples of what presenters may cover include:

Reach Out: you’re facing a specific problem and want some advice on how to move forward. Perhaps you’re wondering what the best tools are to manage time and projects, the best way to find clients or how to set your rates - and ensure you get paid!

Share: you’ve been sitting on an idea for a business, project or collaboration for years, but just aren’t sure if it’s got legs. Put it to the group, gauge interest, and understand how you could get it off the ground.

Road test: perhaps you’re designing a new website and want to test whether your work is user friendly, accessible and easy to navigate, or want to know if the product you're launching would appeal to wider audiences.

Support: with all the challenges from the last year, maybe you simply want to chat about the best ways to get motivated, stay positive and stimulate creativity?

    There are probably a few questions presenters are hoping to answer, but they may walk away with ten new ideas to explore instead. Either way, we hope it’s an inspiring, rewarding and exciting experience.

    Interested in presenting?

    Apply to present via our Google Form.

    We ask a few questions that help frame your conversations so you feel prepared to take the virtual floor during the event. You can find out more via our Guidance and Guidelines PDF.

    If we receive more applications than spaces, two names are drawn at random from submissions to ensure fair representation and to manage demand.

    Interested in attending?

    Tickets are now open for the first event, which takes place from 11.00am on Friday 26 March 2021.

    You can find details and register here.

    We'll be evaluating our first Sharing Space as we go with the hope of making this a regular feature! If you have any feedback or queries at any stage, get in touch with the team via info@creative-edinburgh.com

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