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Jakub Michalski, Future Positive

Can you tell us about yourself and your creative background?

I studied Marketing and Events Management at Edinburgh Napier University; after graduating I interned at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and worked in a few digital marketing agencies, mainly doing blogger outreach and social media. I always loved photography and wanted to learn how to film and that was one of the reasons why I started Future Positive as an online publication - to take more photos and learn how to shoot and edit video, and have a meaningful platform to publish that work.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Mainly travelling and things on the Internet. We recently went to Antwerp and Copenhagen where we had a chance to meet loads of amazing people working freelance and small creative companies. Just chatting to them, listening to their experiences and seeing what they create was very inspiring. I also follow blogs like swiss-miss.com, Creative Boom or It's Nice That. CreativeMornings andTEDtalks are equally great sources of inspiration.

Can you tell us about what you do and Future Positive?

Future Positive is an online publication featuring inspiring stories of creative businesses and projects across the globe. I'm the founding editor of the site. I started Future Positive together with photographer Igor Termenon as we were fascinated by the stories of people who decided to quit their full-time jobs to start their own businesses or go freelance. We hope Future Positive inspires readers to take the leap and follow their dreams too. We're also in the process of branching out and setting up Future Positive Studio, a creative and digital consultancy specialising in content, strategy and social outreach.

What is the most favourite part of your day at Future Positive?

I love getting emails from start ups, makers and freelancers - reading their stories and looking at what they do. But grabbing the camera and taking photos or shooting video is still my favourite thing about running Future Positive.

What makes Edinburgh a good city to be based?

Edinburgh, by being a relatively small big city, is great for meeting people and establishing collaborations. I also think there is a lot of room for innovation and companies like Jelly and Gin or Brew Lab are great examples of this.

What advice would you give to people thinking of pursuing a career in the creative industries?

I think having a side project helps a lot. Future Positive started 2 years ago as such and now it's turning into a full time job. Working on a side project and being persistent shows your passion to potential employers and clients. On many occasions I doubted myself and that's why having people around you who believe in you and your project is very important. Finally, it's never a good moment to start your own business or go freelance - sometimes you just need to be pushed to take the leap but my advice would be to go and do it.

To find out more about Future Positive visit the website: http://www.thefuturepositive.com/

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