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Milo McLaughlin, Clear Minded Creative

Can you tell us about yourself and your creative background?

Sure! I'm a self-employed copywriter and content strategist for a variety of clients both locally and internationally. I also blog about the more personal side of being a creative professional at www.clearmindedcreative.com, where I've published several ebooks, podcasts and video diaries. Previously I worked as a web editor for The Scottish Government and also briefly for The Scotman, as well as writing articles for the likes of The Skinny and The List. I've also dabbled in making music in the past but we'll not dwell on that.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Good music, good coffee and good conversation certainly all help. Ideas come pretty naturally to me, but since being self-employed I've had to develop much better habits when it comes to sitting down and doing the work. I've found that daily meditation and some form of exercise help with my focus and energy, as does getting out and about in the real world and away from the computer as often as possible.

When did you start your business?

I've been self-employed for almost two years but I was freelancing on the side for quite a while before that to test the waters.

What makes Edinburgh a good city to be based?

Edinburgh seems to attract a lot of talented folk and it's small enough that you can meet like-minded people easily. Plus you can walk or get the bus everywhere, and it's a beautiful city to walk around on a good day. It's fantastic to see the community that's forming here thanks to initiatives like Creative Edinburgh, and the new hotdesking spaces that have popped up at places like TechCube and Collective Leith make being self-employed a less solitary lifestyle!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up a creative business?

If you have an inkling that you'd enjoy it, I highly recommend it. Start small, experiment with different income sources, and keep the momentum going. I've found that confidence and small successes come with time, as long as you focus on doing a good job. Also, don't quit your day job without a reasonably solid plan.

For more information please visit www.clearmindedcreative.com

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