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It's time to Raise Your Game!

We're delighted to unveil our new digital skills programme Raise Your Game, supported by the Edinburgh Futures Institute and Creative Informatics!

What is Raise Your Game?

Raise Your Game has been designed to provide the space, confidence and skills you need to envision and work towards the next stage of your career.

The programme focuses on digital tools, data and future-proof working models featuring 8 workshops delivered by expert partners across a variety of topics, with workshops running via Zoom from September to December on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am - 1.30pm.

Alongside our workshops, each attendee will receive additional resources designed to encourage self-reflection, peer support and further development, long after the Raise Your Game sessions!

These resources include The Digital Space for peer support, our Mentor Yourself Toolkit booklet for self-reflection and follow-up resources including access to slides and event recordings plus recommended tools, resources and development activities from session hosts.

How can I join?

There are just 15 spaces are available per event as a Drop-In Attendee, you’ll join the sessions alongside our Raise Your Game cohort who are taking part in the full programme of workshops.

All workshops are priced at £15 for the three-hour session and access to all additional resources.

You can browse the full list of workshops below and consider the skills you’re keen to gain - there is no limitation on the number of workshops you attend!

What are your goals? How do you envision the future of your creative business and are their alternative ways of working that can help you get there? These sessions will explore how data and digital tools can help understand where your business is currently at, and where you want to go with it.

Business Planning & Modelling [ Wednesday 23 September ]
Session Host: Caroline Parkinson
How can you map the future of your creative practice? Find out what innovative business models exist, and what digital and planning tools can help you realise, set and work towards your goals. This session will be hosted by Edinburgh Futures Institute Engagement Manager, Caroline Parkinson.


Growing Your Online Presence [ Wednesday 7 October ]
Session Host: Blether Digital
Strategy, analytics, SEO - what are these and how do they help grow your creative business? Learn the basics of marketing, the best digital tools for streamlining your workload, and just how understanding your client data can help you grow. This session will be hosted by Charlotte Dougall from Blether Digital.

BUY YOUR TICKET: https://bit.ly/3cmK1a6

Understanding Your Data [ Wednesday 14 October ]
Session Host: Effini
Data can be a minefield. From evaluating client processes to protecting GDPR, analysing feedback to presenting it. Learn how to collect, protect, analyse and utilise data to grow your creative business. This session will be hosted by data science company Effini.

BUY YOUR TICKET: https://bit.ly/3cjz88Q

What are the fundamentals you need to know as a creative freelancer, sole trader or small business to operate effectively? These sessions will provide you with the skills, tools and confidence needed to help you work efficiently, so your energy can focus on the creative process, rather than the business admin.

Project Management [ Wednesday 21 October ]
Session Host:
Jessica Armstrong
In a world of screen fatigue, push notifications and digital solutions, how can we streamline our workload and balance different projects to allow focus on the creative process? Explore the wealth of digital tools available on any budget. This session will be hosted by Project Manager and Creative Producer Jessica Armstrong.

BUY YOUR TICKET - https://bit.ly/3kyd512

Money Management [ Wednesday 4 November ]
Session Host: Barclays
New to tax returns? Got business or personal financial goal that feels way out of reach? Daunted by a conversation around money? Learn how digital tools can make your money management more efficient, plus allow you space to work toward your dream. This session will be delivered in partnership with Barclays.

BUY YOUR TICKET - https://bit.ly/33Re0D8

Legal Support [ Wednesday 18 November ]
Host: Anderson Strathern
Do you know your rights around your creative ideas? Have you got a contract that ensures a fair and healthy client relationship? Understand - before you have to - the legalities of your creative practice so that you can protect your future work. This session will be delivered by Barry Nichol and Douglas McLachlan, partners at national law firm Anderson Strathern.

BUY YOUR TICKET - https://bit.ly/2FNZHXW

Be inspired by what the future of creativity can bring. These sessions are for future gazing, emerging technologies and blue skies thinking which can inform where you are at right now.

Open Sourcing [ Wednesday 25 November ]
Session Host: Morvern Odling
How can making creative work and ideas freely available open up new opportunities? Learn about the Open Source movement, what it is used for and how it can benefit a creative individual as well as a broader community. This session will be hosted by freelance artist, Morvern Odling.

BUY YOUR TICKET - https://bit.ly/3iNQv4a

Design Thinking [ Wednesday 2 December ]
Session Host: Korero Studio
Solving problems creatively is a tool being marketed and sold globally to businesses to develop their products, ideas and ways of working. How can we maximise on the skills embedded in our creative mind to organise our thoughts and develop our work? This session will be hosted Alex Durussel-Baker from Korero Studio.

BUY YOUR TICKET - https://bit.ly/33O2xnY

Any questions?

Drop us an email via info@creative-edinburgh.com and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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