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Sponsor interview: Mike McGrail, Administrate

Can you tell us a little about Administrate and your role there?

Administrate is a Training Management System- our software helps training companies and departments save time and money by automating a number of key processes, which allows them to focus on providing excellent training. I head up the Marketing team, making sure we are making the right companies aware of Administrate while adding value to the industry and our customers via avenues such as our blog, ebooks and videos.

Can you explain the role of SaaS in today’s business world?

Software as a Service is now a vital component in the operation of most businesses. From small businesses running accountancy software, to Enterprise level companies delivering their training via a SaaS solution, it's really hard to avoid it! The SaaS model is great for the business as you tend to pay for the product either in monthly or annual instalments and as part of that, your software is (usually!) upgraded and improved without you needing to reinstall anything or even get a visit from the vendor as used to happen before it was delivered via the Cloud.

Why is it important to support the Creative Edinburgh Awards and the city’s creative network?

Edinburgh's tech scene is booming, and the same can be said for its creative sector and we see the two as very important to each other! Creative Edinburgh's work is vital and we're delighted to be involved.

What does next year look like for Administrate?

We're continually improving our product to make it offer even more value to our customers and the next year will see more people join the team and our international expansion continue.

Join us for our annual awards on November 10th; tickets available here.

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