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#CEawards16: The shortlist, an insight

As the countdown to our 5th Awards and Birthday Bash ticks down, we wanted to tip our hats to this year’s shortlist and share a little more information about their incredible work. The awards highlight imaginative thinking, great ideas and innovative work, no matter how big or small. They are as much about an intriguing process as they are about an outcome. Read on for an insight into the work of our shortlisted nominees for the City and Collaboration Awards…


This category is looking for an outstanding creative contribution or activity that has promoted Edinburgh nationally or indeed, internationally, or work that has incorporated or utilised an Edinburgh city space or cultural idea specific to the city. Last year’s winners were Neu! Reekie!, Scotland's "favourite noise makers" who bring together poetry, short film, spoken word and more. This year, we have a bold line up following in their footsteps.

Local architects Konishi Gaffney designed the pop-up pavilion to represent Edinburgh alongside international counterparts in the centre of the city, attracting visitors from all walks of life as part of the Pop-Up Cities Expo featured in the Festival of Architecture 2016. Its simple structural methodology allowed a wide variety of local people to engage with the construction. The design drivers behind the pavilion drew on Edinburgh's topography- both built and natural- to provide a unique and identifiable statement for the city.

Jupiter Artland is a sculpture park and art gallery near Wilkieston in West Lothian, Scotland. The garden is a whimsical collaboration between the family, the artists and the landscape. All the works are site specific and personal to Jupiter. The end product is a journey, narrated by the various artists who are given the freedom to express themselves in the landscape. The transitory nature of the sculpture park makes it hard to believe it is only ten miles outside of Edinburgh. They exhibit and collaborate with world renowned artists, bringing their work to Scotland and more specifically to Edinburgh. In recent years Jupiter Artland have introduced a popular young people's programme and Art Late evenings, exploring the land and exhibits at night.

Presenting Scottish design on an international stage, Local Heroes sought to change and update the international perception of Edinburgh and Scottish design to a wider audience. By choosing and partnering with Edinburgh Airport, Local Heroes pitched a new alternative vision and aesthetic of Scottish products and design to a domestic and international audience. The unique model of the project encouraged creative playfulness from the nine commissioned designers by underwriting the risks associated with developing the project and providing a retail outlet as well as an exhibition space.


This category is looking for an outstanding creative collaboration between two or more organisations or individuals. Last year’s winners were Edinburgh Napier University- BA (Hons) Photography and St David's RC High 'High School Resilience Project’ which brought together two different schools to create a series of photographs representing the eight pillars of resilience. This year, the shortlisted nominees cover disciplines as broad as dance, 3D audiovisual projection mapping and publishing.

As a collaborative effort, Werewolf teamed up with Unstable Creations to combine skill-sets in design and technology to produce a piece of work to be proud of. The work was a 3D audiovisual projection mapped showcase to be featured in Moscow's International Circle of light Festival over five days from the 23rd- 27th of September. The project pushed both parties to be more experimental with the parameters they had set for themselves and to utilise the boarder skills of the collaborative teams. The result was an ultra-clean, colourful and dynamic audio visual experience, showcased to a crowd of 5,000 people which was also broadcast online internationally during the festival.

Choreographer Janis Claxton and composer Pippa Murphy worked closely together to create an “album" of tracks around various ideas of love. The work is unique in that it can be performed as a full suite of 9 works or as stand-alone duets. This "album" style of working in contemporary dance is new and innovative and has enabled the work to be taken in bite-sized chunks to various bespoke events. The work was a unique collaboration for dance and music where both art forms developed material over a long incubation process going back and forth between movement and sound inspirations, co-creating the themes, story and dance and music material of each duet- a totally interwoven creation process between dance and music.

The Score Tae The Toor project was a collaboration on many levels. From the original creation of the Concrete Antenna sound installation at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop by Rob St John, Simon Kirby and Tommy Perman, to the developing relationship between the installation’s creators and Random Spectacular (who published the original Concrete Antenna 12” vinyl and print package) to the collaborative approach which was adopted in the creation of the remixes and writing that forms this unique handmade publication. For this collection, the artists asked a set of writers and musicians to create new work using the tower as a navigation post: new scores through old sounds. The musicians were given access to the installation sound archives, the digital ‘instruments’ created using the architectural dimensions and sonic characteristics of the tower, and the artist’s own compositions. Seven writers were asked to write pieces inspired by the tower and the installation, with pieces covering architecture, memory, archives, urban ecology and public art, written as essays, poetry and morse code. And tying everything together, Tommy’s visual art shows his attentive, creative eye for reassembling forms from the urban landscape: shifting scales with subtle possibility.

Winners will be announced at our 5th Awards and Birthday Bash, kindly supported by CodeClan, FreeAgent, CodeBase and Administrate.

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