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DESIRE LINES seek Producer for new role

Desire Lines is a network of individuals and organisations committed to the development of a vibrant, inclusive and economically sustainable creative and cultural sector in Edinburgh.

Desire Lines is seeking the support of a Producer to support the network to deliver on it's key objectives:

1. Articulate the positive impact of arts and culture in Edinburgh and maximise the resources available to help it thrive;
2. Adopt an enabling attitude to venue regulation and cultural provision throughout the year;
3. Support greater partnership working across the arts and culture sector, enabling it to flourish year-round;
4. Ensure that everyone has access to world class arts and cultural provision;
5. Invest in artists’ development, and support and sustain the local artistic community.



Applications open until Monday 24 May - 12pm

The Producer role the Desire Lines network will be invited to further define and explore key questions and approaches on the following 'beacon' projects:

Project One
AGENT FOR CHANGE - Articulating the role of contemporary arts practice in influencing and contributing to adapting to the new circumstances. Working with Desire Lines network, and partners the Edinburgh University, Futures Institute and the City Council Strategy and Insight this
project will explore the contribution contemporary arts can make to achieving structural change within the city. Contributing to priorities of eradicating poverty, creating a good place to live,
achieving sustainability and access to fair work & progressive opportunities.

Project Two
WELLBEING - A series of targeted arts practitioner/producer led project(s) within communities that explores or brings attention to specific situations (e.g. shielding) or issues (e.g. food poverty). A key partner in this is the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership to identify new models for provision of cultural opportunities that contribute to the prevention agenda in community health and social care services including the Community Link Worker network and the Thrive initiative which is represented on the Steering Group.

Project Three
PLACE – Exploring the role of contemporary arts practice within creating a sustainable city. The producer will work with practitioners to highlight and pilot different types of practice and initiatives in the city to explore how they can more effectively meet the changing needs of communities. Work with neighbourhoods, localities, and communities of interest to develop initiatives with use places and spaces in new ways including residencies and located productions in conversation with the Festivals Place projects.

The ambition of the Desire Lines network is to take forward these beacon projects in an inclusive spirit that builds a more connected and informed cultural community across Edinburgh. We want to maximise the positive contribution that culture can make in Edinburgh’s ongoing journey through the pandemic and its eventual recovery.

Desire Lines is unconstituted and is dependent on Co-Chairs (currently Kate Gray from Collective and Kate Wimpress from North Edinburgh Arts) and Steering Group (including Creative Edinburgh and representatives from the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh’s Festivals, NHS and the wider cultural sector) to lead the agreed programme of work of the network.

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