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RFO Funding: Big News for 2018!

We're delighted to announce that Creative Edinburgh has been awarded regular funding from Creative Scotland

A Memo to the Creative Edinburgh Community from Claire Stewart: Creative Edinburgh's Director.

I am very pleased to share the news that Creative Edinburgh has been awarded regular funding by Creative Scotland. This particular funding is to enable organisations that make important contributions and work on an ambitious scale, to plan ahead long-term, by granting 3 years of funding to support a long-term business plan.

Last year I worked with Janine Matheson, the amazing and visionary former director of Creative Edinburgh, on this application and together we created a plan that answered the questions What would you do in an ideal world? What if money was no object? What could be the future of Creative Edinburgh? What do we need to do the things that members want us to do?

A big survey of our members had generated lots of info, as well as a members' jam to gather ideas and feedback. We saw ways that we could do more, offer more and be more in our pursuit of our mission to make Edinburgh the best city in the world for creativity. We think the plans we cooked up were both exciting and robust. After a lot of work on the plans and funding bid, we submitted it and crossed our fingers.

Today we are delighted to learn that we've been granted this funding by Creative Scotland and we will be able to pursue these ambitious plans.

It's also a proud moment for our board, steering group, team and members, that Creative Edinburgh has been recognised as a significant contributor to Edinburgh and Scotland's cultural and creative landscape. We think this is testament to the fantastic community of generous, talented and innovative creative people that make up Creative Edinburgh and got involved enthusiastically in building a community around our events, mentoring and helping one another, speaking and sharing experiences, expertise, tips and contacts with each other, collaborating and creating new opportunities.

Our proposal for this funding revolved around doing more of what we do best, and doing what our members ask us for and tell us they find useful. With a community approaching 4000 members (another occasion for celebration coming up...) from a wide variety of creative backgrounds and disciplines, you might expect that these requests from members would be too varied and divergent to begin to address but actually they are surprisingly harmonious - they all revolve around creating more support and advice for creatives, opening up creative work to a wide range of people, help to make connections, and celebration and recognition of what creative achievements bring to our city. All a form of boost and helping hand.

We will be announcing further info about our specific plans for 2018-2021 soon - and also seeking your views by holding another members' jam and survey. In the meantime, many thanks for your valuable contributions, support and for making the Creative Edinburgh community a great place to be.

Thank you!

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