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European Creative Hubs Network Syn-Forum: #2 Athens

We were delighted to attend the ECHN Syn-Forum in Athens; here's what we learnt

Last week Creative Edinburgh and Creative Dundee attended the second European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) forum, Syn-Forum in Athens curated by Bios. We were there as partners of the project but also to moderate a session focusing on the Peer-to-peer exchange scheme (P2P scheme) on Saturday 28th January. The two year ECHN project aims to help creative hubs of all shapes and sizes to connect and collaborate across Europe. We are building a network community of creative hubs, hosting a series of forums and training programmes.

The ECHN P2P scheme was launched at the end of last year at the first forum, ‘How Work Works’ in Belgrade. The P2P scheme is a mobility exchange programme enabling Hub managers and founders to collaborate, skill share and strengthen relationships with other creative hubs in Europe. It is set-up to help creative hubs staff benefit from a work experience in a different creative hub, with the aim of sharing knowledge or setting up collaborative projects.

For the session, we invited three hub managers to each share their experience of the exchange. Tania Santos, CRU co-work, Porto who visited BetaHaus in Berlin. Jennifer Buxton, Beta Bar, Montenegro who visited Hub385 in Zagreb and Daniela Milosheska, Coffiice, Skopje, who visited Impact Hub in Stockholm.

Each hub manager felt their exchange had been invaluable, a great experience to learn from someone who really understands where you’re coming from. The exchanges allowed for accessing support and feedback informally and without judgement. To also share expertise and insights into new models of working, benchmarking and impacts. All of the hub managers felt inspired and more confident and each hope to collaborate on an idea with their host hub.

The ladies also shared their advice with the audience and for those thinking of applying for the next P2P round. ‘Our key tip was to plan and make time for your visit, try to tie up work before your visit so you can devote time to the exchange without the worrying’.

To explore the P2P scheme;

Tania’s blog & wonderful video http://cru-cowork.com/952-2/

Jennifer’s partner Jeff’s blog http://creativehubs.eu/p2p-story-beta-bar-meets-hub385-part-2/

Daniela’s blog http://creativehubs.eu/p2p-story-coffice-meets-impacthub-stockholm/

Further information;

If you’re a creative hub manager and interested in applying or hosting a P2P scheme hub exchange, please visit http://creativehubs.eu/activity/peer-to-peer-scheme/ or email eu.creativehubs@britishcouncil.org. Applications open from Monday 27 March, with the deadline for submissions Sunday 23rd April 2017.

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