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Making Marketing Work

After hearing from some of Scotland's top Cultural Marketeers, Sean shares his views on ways to approach a successful marketing campaign.


I had the pleasure last week of attending ‘Marketing That Works’ with Culture Republic; a great way spend an afternoon hearing from some of Scotland’s top digital Marketeers.

Perhaps far from the functions of a small business, though fascinating none-the-less, was the first talk of the day by Colan Mehaffey & Adam Coulson of National Trust for Scotland. The National Trust’s digital team aim to bring social media to the forefront of some of Scotland’s biggest heritage attractions. Rather than being autonomous, they take an inclusive approach to digital media by providing the training and tools for their properties to run their own social media accounts. By putting the digital tools in to the hands of those on the ground, they can more effectively reach an array of audiences through an inter-connected web of digital channels; which is of course, an incredibly resource effective way of reaching a multitude of audiences.

Marketing Works seminar speakers from National Trust

Marketing Works seminar speakers from National Trust

There is such a strong value in engaging on a one-to-one level with your audience. In fact, it’s so important to concisely and positively connect with your audience across every stage of the digital journey. From tweet, to website, ticket purchase, and follow up, if at any point a customer has negative experience, chances are that customer is lost forever. It’s also amazing to consider the difference between ten years ago and the present and how a platform such as Twitter has become one of the most integral parts of an organisation’s digital marketing.

On the other side of the spectrum, freelance marketing consultant Emma Mortimore gave her perspective on how to promote a festival on ‘limited resources’ in this case, the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema. Relatable to how I approach a campaign, it’s about being creative and intuitive with limited man-power and a small budget. First off, build those important connections and relationships with other influential businesses and organisations. The more work you put in to this, the more resources you can tap in to when it comes to potential advertising trades. Secondly, set targets within your limits. Rather than trying to reach out to every one of your audience segments, look at promoting to a specific geographical area or group. For starting out, this helps you to build a loyal happy base of customers and to know when to adapt your tone of voice, approach to advertising; and you can work your way up from there. Bringing it back around to social media, can you utilise the power of more established organisations with a bigger following, can you get your news and product shared by them? Finally, one-to-one engagement... perhaps the most time-consuming! Spread by word of mouth, use targeted emails, take flyers to other events (keep them in your back pocket) work with your resources and be creative about how you get your message out there.

A marketing campaign should always begin with and be built around your audience. Jack Harris, Digital Manager at Shakespeare’s Globe said that we should always be prepared for success and failure with a marketing campaign. As I mentioned previously, any break down of communication across the audience journey can have a catastrophic effect. There is no quick fix or guaranteed way to make your brand, product or otherwise successful in the market place. It’s all about putting the work in, no matter the size of the organisation. I took two very key principles from the day that I think would make my marketing work; I should A) be constantly willing to adapt how I market a product alongside changes in digital media and B) I should continuously re-evaluate my marketing strategy in a way that will consistently and positively connect with my current and prospective audience.

Find out more about Sean Scott here. Follow him on Linkedin / SeanScott

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