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25 Reasons to Join a Hack!

By award winning Glasgow based service design agency, Snook.

Glasgow based service design pros Snook give us the insider scoop on 25 reasons to get involved in a hackathon!

1. Test your skills in the real world
2. Brainstorm like never before
3. Try researching against the clock
4. Tackle a wicked problem
5. Experiment with new technologies
6. Build things
7. Learn to use open data
8. Experiment with service design
9. Discover design tools
10. Develop your business skills
11. Learn to pitch ideas
12. Give public speaking a go (if you want!)
13. Speed light prototyping
14. Test your idea with real people
15. Brush off on your team skills
16. Develop leadership skills
17. Network with people with different or similar expertise
18. Boost your Linkedin profile
19. Meet your future employers
20. Discover a new passion
21. Got a great idea? Turn into a start-up
22. Make friends
23. Have fun
24. Get inspired!
26. And … did we mention great prizes?

    Post and imagery are courtesy of Snook.

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