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David Wilkinson
8 essential tips for entering the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2021

Nominations to the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2021 are officially open and awaiting your dazzling entries.

If you (or someone you know) have been working on something unique this year that you think deserves recognition, now is the time to tell us all about it.

For the past decade, we’ve celebrated the resilience and innovation in Edinburgh’s creative sectors with our annual awards ceremony (which also happens to be our big birthday bash). Each year our city’s community comes together to applaud the people that are keeping Edinburgh on the cultural map - from the independent creatives to the forward-thinking organisations and bright young stars among the students.

Nominations for the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2021 are open until Monday 13 September. Use this TypeForm to enter your submission, and be sure to read our application guidelines (included in the Typeform) before entering.

Looking for advice on how to make your nomination sing? We’ve put together some tips to help you through the process.

Get to know the three pillars of Creative Edinburgh

This year is a big one for us. It’s our tenth birthday (!), so we’ve been thinking about what ties together all the great creative work in Edinburgh that we’ve recognised since we started.

Enter the three pillars of Creative Edinburgh, the backbone of our thinking that will shape how we choose the award winners this year. In your application, you’ll be asked to demonstrate how your nomination aligns with one of the three pillars. They are:

  • People: We celebrate the people elevating the creative industries and communities within it through collaboration, leadership, inclusivity, resilience, and vision.
  • Places: We celebrate the places strengthening Edinburgh’s rich cultural identity through growth of community, amplification of values and development of city spaces.
  • Projects: We celebrate projects making an impact on Edinburgh’s creative scene while demonstrating innovation, responsiveness, integrity, and boldness.

Be brave and nominate yourself

You might not think that you’re awards material, but we beg to differ. Do you know what prize winners do that others don’t? They put their names forward!

Creative Edinburgh Awards are all about celebrating everyone big or small working in Edinburgh’s creative sector.

Whether you’re part of a design agency with a global client base, or you’re a sole trader making an impact here in your local community, we want to hear what you’re up to.

The application process is made to be quick and easy, so it’s well worth taking the time out to fill in the form, even if you’re not sure whether you’ll be shortlisted. You never know, you might surprise yourself and win!

Read the questions first

Exam flashbacks? Us too, but it really is the best advice!

Read through the full entry form, take note of what’s being asked then separate your answers accordingly.

In the Typeform, you’ll find a few different documents to consult. As Typeform doesn’t allow you to save as you go, download these, fill in your application in a document then copy and paste in when you’re ready.

We’ve asked everything we need to know so be sure to answer it in the right place so we don’t miss important information about the project.

Keep things simple and to the point

Our entry form is designed to be straightforward to fill in and fair for all entries. No essays required!

Just tell us what you think we need to know within a paragraph or two. We’re looking for quality, not quantity.

Bring your submission to life with relevant examples

You can illustrate your nomination with links to examples of the work you’re writing about. Be sure your links represent the project or person nominated and the value it’s had to Edinburgh’s creative scene.

Additional content is optional, but if you are including links to a resource folder (Google Drive, Facebook Album or similar), links are preferred over downloads so they’re easily accessible.

Also, please make sure the attachments are good quality - fuzzy images make it harder for us to check out your projects!

Creative Edinburgh Awards c. Eoin Carey
Let us know how you've championed Edinburgh's community through creativity

Don’t forget your Awards category

We love hearing how projects have inspired, excited and broken new ground, but don’t forget to remember which Award category you’re nominating yourself for and tell us how your project fits within it too.

The categories you can nominate yourself under this year are:

  • The City Award
  • The Collaboration Award
  • The Commercial Award
  • The Creativity Award
  • The Independent Award
  • The Leadership Award
  • The Social Award
  • The Startup Award
  • The Student Award

Open Typeform to read our Awards criteria document and find out more about each category.

Who’s eligible for a Creative Edinburgh Award?

Our definition of “creative sector” is really broad at Creative Edinburgh, so we don’t limit ourselves to celebrating arts and culture (even though we love them a lot!).

Techies, UX Designers, lawyers, third sector champions, academic types - whoever you are, if you’ve collaborated with the creative industries or do work that represents it, that’s worth celebrating.

If you’re not sure if you’re quite what we’re looking for, take a look through our previous Creative Edinburgh Awards to see who’s been shortlisted before.

Can students take part in the Creative Edinburgh Awards too?

Absolutely! We have The Student Award to celebrate full and part-time students pushing boundaries and approaching their studies in a new way, but we also want to see you popping up across our other categories.

If you’re studying at the moment but you feel that your project sits better under a different category, be bold and go for it!


Don’t forget, you deserve celebrating yourself as much as everyone else, so nominate yourself if you’ve been working on an exciting creative project over the past 12 months. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at info@creative-edinburgh.com

We don’t want to leave any stone of Edinburgh’s creative community unturned, so please share the entry form around your networks and encourage friends, colleagues and collaborators to nominate.

And don’t forget, you can join us to celebrate the shortlisted nominees (and Creative Edinburgh’s big tenth birthday party) on Thursday 18 November.

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