Alasdair Thomson







Alasdair Thomson is a sculptor living and working in Edinburgh. He is Italian­ trained and has significant experience in carving large scale sculpture and other elements of decorative stonework, both in Scotland and abroad. Alasdair achieved his degree in Art History from the University of Edinburgh in 2004, and his diploma in sculpture from the Scuola Edile in Siena in 2010. He won the People’s Choice Award at Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academy 2013 Open Exhibition, and undertook the position of artist in residence at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Centre in West Rutland, Vermont, USA, in the summer of 2014. He has had an ongoing interest in the subject of drapery and in the way that fabric hangs and folds. He has sought to capture the gracefulness of flowing fabric in a variety of ways and through several bodies of work. It is a subject that he feels he will repeatedly return to, owing to it being a source of endless fascination.