Janis Claxton







Janis Claxton is an Edinburgh based choreographer, teacher and producer with 30 years of experience living and working internationally. She is Artistic Director and co-producer of the award winning (Herald Angel) Janis Claxton Dance choreographing and presenting works for theatre and unique site-specific venues internationally. With a passion for bringing high quality, inspiring and intelligent dance works to unsuspecting audiences, collaborations have included with The Edinburgh Zoo and the Edinburgh International Science Festival at the National Museum of Scotland. Since 2009 Janis has spent much of her time in China working across dance and theatre sectors. In 2013 as an International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellow she spent 3 months working in Shanghai’s leading co-working and hackers spaces. She is Founder/Director of SC²ENE - (scotland-china) Cultural Exchange Network Her research and interest areas include the interface of cultural exchange, mathematics and dance, non-human primate movement and gesture and learning Chinese.