Hamish Bamford







An exceptional entrepreneur, a visionary and a pioneer, but the man himself is more humble than to say so. Regardless, his achievements are a harmony of the highest level of expertise and the deepest level of intuition. A Sound Engineer by title, who can count the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies on his career history, Hamish now focuses on developing new and creative technical platforms, with a focus on sound technology that enables others to immerse themselves in creative design and performance. International projects and accolades have become part and parcel of the Hamish Bamford brand. In 2016, the pioneering Digital Orchestra technology caught the attention of Mr Shuichi Ohno, the then Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation. The rest was history. March 2018, Hamish partnered with Drake Music Scotland to portray the work of Digital Orchestra. Their long term working relationship gave Hamish an incredibly clear and unique understanding of the development processes DMS implement. This allowed Hamish’s work to directly start proving that physical body limitations are no restriction when it comes to creating music. The technology being implemented is configured for each individual musician, enabling the construction of creative material, as well as the ability to perform it. Hamish has just returned from Singapore, where, over an intensive 7 days, the world’s first digital orchestra gave three performances at Singapore’s National Stadium in front of a total audience of more than 10,000 people. Much to the surprise of all involved, Digital Orchestra’s performance in Singapore also captured the attention of Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore, which led to an invitation to a presidential reception. Hamish attributes his remarkable abilities and his deepest frustrations to being dyslexic and an empath. A busy mind that sees the whole picture, Hamish senses the feelings of everyone in a given space, and problem solves everything on a continual basis, which can be extremely conflicting on the days when exhaustion – and paperwork – come into play. It’s all part of what drives him to invent solutions and systems to create platforms for others with their own frustrations and obstacles, so that they can come together and express their own creative ideas in a unified way. Creative collaborations are core to Hamish’s success, and he invites opportunities to connect with funders, investors and entrepreneurs who share his ethos and are seeking technical solutions to social challenges. Currently, Hamish is gearing up for Drake Music Scotland’s next triumph, the 20th anniversary concert on May 5th 2018. To find out more about Hamish’s work or to get in touch, visit http://www.hamishbamford.info/